Custom Products


Hot Sauces

Fresh off the burnin' line!These ain't your grandma's wimpy sauces. We're talkin' small-batch scorchers, hand-crafted with fire in our veins and fury in our fists. Mango habanero tango? Check. Carolina Reaper rager? You bet your jalapenos. From smoky chipotle to citrusy ghost pepper, each bottle's a molten masterpiece, custom-cooked for heat seekers and flavor fiends. So grab your gloves, 'cause these babies ain't for the faint of tongue! Dive in, spice cadets, and let the inferno begin!


Bites & Cookies

ATTENTION SWEET TOOTH TROOPS! Forget preheatin' ovens and floury fiascos. This ain't your grandma's cookie, we're pumpin' out pure, unadulterated cookie bliss, faster than a greased gear on a sugar rush. Instant cookie nirvana, fresh from the factory floor. Think melt-in-your-mouth chocolate avalanches, creamy peanut butter explosions so good, they'll make Willy Wonka jealous.



ATTENTION, SUGAR SOLDIERS! Prepare for sensory overload! This ain't your corner store's candy aisle, it's the FLAVOR FUZION FACTORY! We're talkin' taste bud torpedoes, packed with more sugar power than a fizzy cola geyser. Think sour belts that'll buckle your knees, gummies so chewy they'll redefine "satisfaction," and lollipops that paint rainbows on your tongue. Grab your sweet tooth shovel, soldier, and dig in – the Flavor Fuzion Factory's got your next sugar rush on lock!


Beard Products

GENTLEMEN, BEARDS REPORTIN' FOR DUTY! Forget mass-produced mush – this ain't no beard grooming bootcamp for rookies. Pick your poison – beard oils that tame frizz like a drill sergeant, balms that nourish like a five-star feast, and waxes that sculpt staches sharper than a general's salute. Craft your perfect mane with custom blends, personalized labels, and enough firepower to make your beard the envy of the barracks. This ain't just grooming, it's facial warfare – and you're the general!